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about us
Being mother is like the ultimate joy and happiness that happen in one woman’s life. But sometimes being a new mom might seem to be frustrating even for an easy usual thing. Like dressing for changing body shape or would this and those are good for baby or not.

Mini Me starts with the intention to build Lifestyle Boutique Store of Khun Cherry’s intention, a happy two children mother. As the experienced of being new mom, she understands well and determine to make Mini me a center of well selected baby and mother goods. To help new mom manage their lives with safe and well selected goods. Being your best friend and be in every moment of you and your family.

We have all goods for baby and mother; pregnant mother products, Baby care products, baby essentials products, newborn baby products and mother&kids products both indoor and outdoor. Products at Mini Me are famous brand from all over the world that we selected and tested before we put it on a shelf, to make sure that all of our products to you is quality and safe.

We know that for our baby "everything has to be the best".
Mini Me
Dedicated To The One I love